Message From the President

The Nepal Chemical Society is dedicated to contributing to the prosperity of the nation by promoting research activities and capabilities as well as the quality of chemistry education. The society is equally devoted to strengthening the ties among chemists and chemical technologists working in different academic and research institutions, industries, and government bodies to enhance their overall quality and well-being.

As we know chemistry is a central science to all life and physical sciences, chemists can contribute to the nation in various ways in the areas of food, drugs and environment safety. For this reason, the chemists should be more competent and they should be motivated or inclined towards research collaboration. I believe that collaborating work with the society helps to generate sustainable positive outcomes in the country.

It has been a century that Nepal has begun teaching chemistry in higher education but still, the country is yet to enter into the chemical industry. The society has the vision to strengthen research activities, then only chemistry could be linked to industry.  As we know Nepal is rich in biodiversity and natural products, we can explore them towards drug discovery program. Nepal exports a huge amount of medicinal plants. The Nepal Chemical Society is willing to acts as a knowledge pool for industrialization of these medicinal plants. On the other hand, we also have to look after on safety issues of chemical laboratories of all sectors in Nepal. In coming days, the society will formulate necessary guidelines for quality assurance and accreditation of chemical laboratories in Nepal.

We have also realized that chemistry curricula of higher education do not seem to be market orientated. The society request to concerned bodies to come up with more practical and research focused education in the university. We invoice for launching new courses in the areas of chemical engineering, material technology, analytical chemistry, biological chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry in Nepal.

At final, I would like to call for greater efforts in promoting collaborative excellence in chemistry research and education from national and international organizations.‚Äč

Niranjan Parajuli, Ph.D.

President, Nepal Chemical Society.
Professor, Tribhuvan University