Sitaram Agrawal Medal

Recipients of Sitaram Agrawal Medal

The Sitaram Agrawal Medal is awarded to the chemists from various research laboratories and institution of Nepal, who have published research articles in reputed journal of Chemistry. The following chemists have so far received this award (based on available minutes of the NCS).

S.No. Name
1 Dr. Bharat Raj Basyal
2 Shree Gajendra Poudel
3 Shree Sumitra Singh
4 Shree Mohan Singh Amatya
5 Dr. Shiva Ram Vaidya
6 Dr. Trinetraman Pradhanang
7 Shree Purushottam Shrestha
8 Dr. Raju Adhikari
9 Dr. Narayan Prasad Upadhyay
10 Dr. Ram Bahadur Khadka
11 Dr. Jagadeesh


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