Pandit Narayan Prasad Upadhyay Medal

Recipients of Pandit Narayan Prasad Upadhyay Medal

The Sitaram Agrawal Medal is awarded to the chemists from various research laboratories and institution of Nepal, who have published research articles in reputed journal of Chemistry. The following chemists have so far received this award (based on available minutes of the NCS).

S.No. Name Year (B.S.)
1 Mr. Sagar Raj Shakya 2042
2 Mr. Madhav Prasad Dahal 2044
3 Ms. Radhika Regmi 2045
4 Mr. Jeevan Prasain 2046
5 Ms. Rajani Rai 2048
6 Ms. Uma Mishra 2054
7 Mr. Bharat Prasad Jaisi 2056
8 Mr. Yam Bahadur Poudel 2058
9 Mr. Santosh Khanal 2059
10 Mr. Mahesh Prasad Poudyal 2060
11 Mr. Deepak Prasad Koirala 2061
12 Mr. Sundar Hamal 2062
13 Ms. Ranjana Piya 2063
14 Mr. Sitaram Bhattarai 2064
15 Mr. Upendra Adhikari 2065

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